The Aztec Cross-body bag

cross body bag aztec print

cross body bag aztec print

Cross-body bags are perfect all-year-long but they especially come-in handy during spring/summer. With a cross-body, our hands are free! You can enjoy your glass of wine ice-cream, go window shopping, take a walk in a park, whatever you usually do when the sun comes out… without being bothered by your handbag. Paradise!

Also, in spring/summer, you (usually) don’t need to carry as much stuff as you do in winter. Grab your phone, your wallet, your sunglasses and your keys and you’re good to go! No need to carry a big bag, a small cross-body is all you need!

I find the Aztec-inspired pattern to be the perfect one for June. It doesn’t scream Beach Holidays but it still add a nice summer look to your outfit.

The Rebecca Minkoff Love Cross-body bag has become a classic/best-seller over the past few years. Yes, the look may remind you of a Chanel Boy bag… BUT, the price is nothing compared to the Chanel one! I am not saying that the quality is the same either… But I think that Rebecca Minkoff is still making a good quality leather bag for a reasonable price. And, with this Black and White Aztec-inspired print, it is the perfect choice for this season. You have a classic shape, a bit of fringe and an on-trend (but still completely wearable) print. Great combo!

For a more affordable but still good looking alternativeAldo has this saddle/cross-body bag with the same kind of pattern. The colors are pretty neutral (Cognac/Off-White with Black trims is always a winner!) so it is super easy to match this bag with any outfit. The tassel on the from flap adds the same fringe details as the Rebecca Minkoff bag, maybe a bit easier to wear. Of course, for this price, you don’t get real leather. But maybe it is okay not to invest too much money in a summer bag … Keep your trust fund for a more classic/timeless purchase (or not!).

What do you think? Do you like this pattern?

The more I look at the Rebecca Minkoff one, the more I want to buy like it (I am a leather bag kind of girl…).

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