Back to School or Back to Work?

bag back to school back to work

bag back to school back to work


Summer is still here but coming to an end, a new school year just started for most students and summer holidays are now a sweet memory… It’s time for #backtoschool or #backtowork (work work work work) season.

The only pro (okay maybe not the ONLY one) of this season is that you usually get to buy some new clothes/shoes to start this new chapter on the right foot. And why not a new handbag too?!

The choice this year is between a new-trendy backpack and a new-shiny satchel. Which team are you?

#teambackpack : Backpacks are EVERYWHERE this year. From the traditional college-looking ones to the very trendy ones, you have more than enough options to choose from. Backpacks are not only for school anymore. Choose the right one and pair it with the right outfit and you’re good to go to the office. You’ll be noticed for sure… as the girl who knows what she’s doing!

Matt & Nat | Kate Spade | Rebecca Minkoff | Marc Jacobs | M0851 | Aldo

#teamsatchel : More conventional option, I give you that. But a classic one! Buy a new tote bag or a nice satchel and you’ll make a purchase that you won’t regret. You’ll keep it for years and use it in all occasions. Backpacks are good for the office, but you have to admit that you probably won’t be able to take it to a business meeting with customers… (except if you work in fashion).

MCM | Kate Spade | Calvin KleinAldo | Matt & Nat | Lauren Ralph Lauren


What about me? I’m #teamsatchel all the way. I’m one to invest in good quality leather bags and I would be too afraid not to enjoy my backpack after a few months. A trend is a trend… most of them go away with time! I also don’t own a classic satchel yet, maybe this year would be a good one to add that to my collection :).

What about you? What team are you in? Any bag purchase planned for this year? Tell me everything 🙂