When you think of a backpack… | Herschel | Florence




The story

Three years ago, Florence was still a student and she was looking for a bag meeting 2 criteria: it had to be big enough to fit her laptop and practical because she was biking to university everyday. She had heard of¬†Herschel, loved their design and, at the time, liked the fact that you didn’t see their bags everywhere (we obviously cannot say that today…). She asked for it and received it as a gift from her boyfriend ūüôā

But that was three years ago…

What I like

The look. As mentioned above, that’s what Florence liked from the beginning. The brown straps and ¬†the red/white stripe lining… A slightly different look compared to regular backpacks like the¬†Jansport¬†ones for instance (I have nothing¬†again the Jansport’s backpack, I am just comparing the two…)

– The¬†details. First, it is a backpack. Good point for the practical side. But when you look at the details, you see that Herschel really thought about the users when they designed the bag. They added small details like two interior slip pockets (one on each side) so you can put your pens or keys in them and you don’t have to look for them for hours at the bottom of that huge bag. They also added a snap hook¬†in the exterior pocket (Florence uses it for her bike lock).

What I don’t like

– The size. Ok, let’s be clear here: the size of the bag is what Florence was looking for¬†in the first place. But, as we said, that was three years ago now… Today, she doesn’t go to university anymore and she certainly doesn’t need such a large huge backpack everyday. So she ends up bringing this bag with her anyway but it’s almost empty… and so she fills it in with a lot of useless stuff, like we all do…¬†At the end, not super practical for biking!

– The¬†unisex look. Yes, she likes the look of her bag. It’s nice, but it is not feminine.¬†She would now rather have a smaller and more feminine backpack to use everyday.

– This bag is practical but, in the end, not the best for biking. There is no easy-access pocket so you have to take it off completely each time you need to reach for something…


Dimensions: 38(L) x 51(H) x 16,5(P) cm | 15(L) x 20(H) x 6,5(P) inches
Color: Grey | Hardware: Silver
Pockets: 1 exterior front pocket | Interior: 2 small slip pockets on each side and one large padded laptop pocket on the back
Material: Fabric (polyester)


Florence likes her bag… it is just not adapted for her everyday life anymore. She definitely recommends it for somebody at university or even as a weekender for instance. For those moments when you need to bring a lot of things with you but absolutely want to carry one bag only, this one is perfect!

What do you think? Do you also keep using a purse that you purchased a few years ago even if it is no longer suited for what you need?