Back(pack) to work | Brian Atwood backpack | Ingrid

brian atwood backpack work

brian atwood backpack work

brian atwood backpack work

The Story

Ingrid was looking for a backpack that wasn’t humongous so that she could use it at work, to go out or anything really… without looking like she was going to school right after. She wanted one that still looked like a “real” purse (not a teenager backpack).
Why a backpack?

The look is so fun and the hand-free feature is just awesome!

So she bought this Brian Atwood bag, as a gift from her to herself and, ladies, this is always a good idea!


What I like

– The edgy look. The snake print might be frightening at first but it goes very well with everything. No need to think twice (and change outfits 5 times) before you wear it. Also, the gold hardware is perfect for Ingrid as she always wears gold jewelry so it matches perfectly.

How it is made. This bag seems small (because it is…) but it is actually very well made and so super practical. It fits everything you might need on an everyday basis: keys, phone, wallet, makeup, Kindle, ipod, pens, sunglasses… Also, fun fact (but very practical one): Ingrid’s phone actually fits into the phone pocket! How many of you are always wondering why the phone pockets in purses are still the size of 1999’s cellphones? (I’ve actually had this discussion with 2 separate friends last week!). There is also an inside and an outside pocket which is always great to keep your things within easy reach and organized. And last but not least, the nylon material is very easy to wash!

– It is the size of a normal handbag but it is a backpack! Enjoy the freedom of not really carrying your purse. Your hands are 100% free! Yeaaaah!


What I don’t like

–  It is small… which is good and not at the same time. For instance, it doesn’t fit Ingrid’s laptop. So when she wants to take it with her to work (or wherever), she has to carry a separate bag. Or she just takes her bigger backpack with her and this small cutie stays at home…  Let’s just say that the size of this bag is good enough for the everyday essentials but not more than that.

– It is small, cute and practical… but you cannot use it for any formal event like weddings, work xmas party… because it doesn’t look formal. Once again, it is good for everyday, but not more than that.

– Ingrid has a car so she is fine but just a note about backpacks replacing regular handbags: be careful in public transports! Backpacks are super practical because you almost forget that you are wearing them… and that might be a bit dangerous in the subway or the bus. Just be careful to always keep an eye open!



Dimensions: 20(L) x 25.5(H) x 10(P) cm | 8.5(L) x 10.5(H) x 4,5(P) inches
Colour: Black Snake print | Hardware: gold
Pockets: 1 exterior front zipped pocket | interior open pockets
Material: Nylon with leather trims



Ingrid loves bags and she owns quite a few (and who can blame her). In terms of backpacks, she owns 3 different ones and this one is her favorite! It is her smallest and cheapest one but still the one that she loves most.

She definitely recommends this bag for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a purse in their hands but still needs to carry things with them (and pants usually don’t have enough pockets for all we need…). Note that this bag is really the size of a normal purse with the look of a backpack. If you’re looking to carry your laptop or books with you, this one is not for you.

Ingrid usually goes for higher ends bags because cheaper ones get ruined fast (I can relate to that!). This Brian Atwwod backpack is mid-range in terms of price but the quality is good. If you’re willing to spend just a bit more, you won’t be disappointed.

What do you think about backpack to replace a regular purse? In or out?

I didn’t really like it at the beginning (meaning, not for me) but I have to admit that it is growing on me… I’ve spotted a few that I really like.