Bag accessories or how to make your purse one-of-a-kind

bag accessories bag accessories

If you read fashion magazines/blogs or even if you’ve done a bit of shopping recently, I’m sure that you’ve seen this trend already: accessories for your accessories (like your handbags!). Charms, straps, sticker letters, tassels, scarfs, even mini-bags to attach to your regular-size bag… you can now find pretty much everything that you can imagine in order to customize your bag and make it one-of-a-kind.

As always, it all started with (very) high ends brands. Hermes launched smaller size silk scarfs and people (okay… not everybody…) started to wrap it around their Birkin’s handles. Anya Hindmarch then launched her now-famous stickers. A great way to add a pop of colour and fun to a classic purse. But at $80-125 the sticker… this trend was/is definitely not accessible to everyone.

A few years later (meaning, now), we can see that this trend lasts and is more and more accessible. You obvioulsy have higher end brands that still offer options in real leather… But you can also find a lot of fun and much more affordable options at Aldo for instance.

What do I think of this trend?

I understand that it is fun and unique as you transform your purse into a very special one that you’re sure not to see on everyone else. And I completely get why people love it! How frustrating when you spend time and money looking for a bag that you think “is really you” and then you realize that there are a lot of you out there… You don’t feel that unique anymore. By adding a few accessories, you now easily get a new version of your bag that nobody else will have.

I would say that my opinion is different between 2 categories of bag accessories: the permanent ones and the temporary ones.

the permanent ones: stickers for instance. You stick them onto your bag… and you cannot really remove them (or you get traces of glue everywhere / take a risk to damage the fabric). The look is great, fun and colourful. But you need to be pretty sure of yourself before jumping on this trend! I would advice maybe to buy a more affordable purse to do this… At least if you’re bored at some point, you won’t have spent that much money on it.

the temporary ones: detachable everything (pompoms, stars, tassels…) are a great way to get a unique purse, without too much commitment. You can add something one day and remove it for a more traditional look the next day. You don’t damage the fabric and if you get bored, just change the accessory for another one! I’m a big fan of this option.

What about you? What do you think of this trend? In or too much?

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