Life in Blue | Nine West tote | Marina

blue tote nine west

blue tote nine west

The Story

Marina bought this Nine West tote bag in August 2014 in the USA. She was shopping at Macy’s, looking for a gift for her mother. And that day handbags were on sale at Macy’s… We all know how this ends!
So, she bought 2 handbags, made her mother choose the one she preferred and kept the other one for herself. Since then, that bright blue tote is following her (almost) everywhere.

What I like

– It’s size. It’s a BIG tote bag and you can fit everything you need in there. Marina uses it to go to work so she only has to carry one bag. Inside, she puts a bottle of water, her lunch, her headphones and her spare pair of heels for once she gets to the office. Pretty good!

– The top zipper. You usually don’t get a good top closure with bags that big. But here you get a zipper and it’s definitely an advantage when you use public transportations!

– The color. I mean, obviously she likes this bright blue color otherwise she wouldn’t have chosen it. But what I mean is that she likes the fact that it’s a bit out there because she usually wears black/dark clothes. So this bag is her welcomed pop of color!

What I don’t like

– The interior lining is BEIGE. It’s nice but it gets dirty pretty quickly. When you have a big bag, it’s because you intend to put a lot of things in it. Between shoes and pens… let’s say that the beige is not that nice anymore after 2 years.

– The overall quality. It’s still nice looking after 2 years of carrying it almost every day… until you look into details. For instance, the puller of the top zipper broke after a few months so now it’s not very practical to close/open. Also, the bag used to me much more structured than it is now. Today, it looks more like a floppy tote. It’s okay but if you knew how it looked when she bought it, you would notice the difference. And that says a lot about the quality…


Dimensions: 38(L) x 28(H) x 13(P) cm | 15(L) x 11(H) x 5(P) inches
Handles: 26 cm | 10.25 inches
Color: Blue | Hardware: Silver
Pockets: 1 exterior front slip pocket | Interior: 1 zipped + 2 slip pockets
Material: Faux-leather


After 2 years of using it almost every day, Marina can easily say that she likes her Nine West bag. It’s like an off-road tote: you can fit everything in it and bring it with you in a lot of different occasions (work, a 5@7, weekend getaways…). However, it is not super feminine. But if you’re looking for “everyday-practical”, this bag is for you! 

What do you think? Would you buy a bright color tote that size and rock it everyday?