The handbag diary: my weekend in NYC

Crazy time this week in the USA with the presidential elections… but that’s not what I am here to talk about today!

I went to NYC last weekend for a very special event: the NYC marathon! My godfather was running it (it was awesome, so proud!) and some family came along so we had a super nice long weekend visiting and catching up. Two years since we saw each other… we had a few things to talk about ūüôā

I chose the name¬†“The Handbag Diary” for a reason: I want to share every day life stories with you. Like I would in a diary… So, ¬†I decided to start sharing some more personal moments too. Starting with my weekend in New York. You may have already seen some pictures on Instagram but if you want to see more of it, keep reading.

Let the adventure begins…

It all started with “how are we going to go there?“.

By car was not an option as I was supposed to come back to Montral alone (that part changed later but that’s a story for another time) and I wasn’t felling the 7+ hours drive on my own.

Second option: the plane. Yeaaaah but no. $300 was a bit too much for my budget (then add the parking fees for 4 days and the transit from the airport to Manhattan). I miss¬†the cheap European flights sometimes…

Bus? Seems nice except for the comfort (nonexistent) and customs (you have to wait for the whole bus to pass through customs… could take a long time depending on who is on the bus with you!).

Last option: the train. Plenty of advantages: not too expensive, you get free wifi and the custom agent comes inside the train (you don’t even have to leave your seat!). The only downside: you need 10.5 hours to go from Montreal to NYC. Whaaaaat?

Okay so at the end: how did we go there? With a mix of driving and train. We drove to Albany, NY and we finished the trip by train. Not super expensive, more flexibility and no issue at customs. Perfect! We would definitely do that again!



What to do in NYC?

I am a city girl. So it is no surprise that I looooove being in NYC. I love the energy, all the different architectures, the food… What I do when I go there can be separated into 3 sections:¬†I visit different neighborhoods, I eat and I shop. Pretty basic!¬†

Visits:¬†last year, when I went to New York for the first time, I had to do all the tourists stuffs. I mean, you have to! But this time I wanted to leave my camera at home (which is kind of a funny thing to say when you have your iPhone in your bag) and enjoy new neighborhoods “like a real new-yorker” (tourist style, head up and saying “that’s beautiful” or “look at that” at each street corner). I found it much better and weirdly more relaxing than last year. I took my time, didn’t rush¬†between places and really enjoyed the city.

thehandbagdiary_new-york_visits1 thehandbagdiary_new-york_visits2

Food: I mean, I am French so obviously food is SUPER important to me. But when I planned my¬†NYC food stops, all I wanted was a good Shake Shack and a donut from Dough. We also stopped at a french pastry shop called Aux Merveilleux because it is just so good…Not a super healthy weekend but sooooo yummy!


Shopping: I am not the kind of person who spend too much time shopping while I am on a weekend away or on vacations. But when I am in New York, I love to go to stores that we don’t have in Canada or at least in Montreal. I would never waste time going to Zara or H&M for instance. But there were two places where I wanted to go (and I did): Uniqlo and Madewell. Uniqlo is a store that we love and we used to go to a lot when we lived in Paris. We don’t have one in Montreal yet so every time we go to NYC it gets a bit crazy… And this time was no exception. As for Madewell, I had never been before and I am now in love! Nothing more to say!



So that’s it for my week-end in NYC.

What are your hidden spots that you like to go to when you visit New York?