Going away for the weekend? | Fossil weekender

handbag weekend carry-on fossil

handbag weekend carry-on fossil

handbag weekend carry-on fossil

handbag weekend carry-on fossil

handbag weekend carry-on fossil

handbag weekend carry-on fossil


Even if it is not always obvious outside, summer is (almost) here! And with summer come… getaway weekends (yeaaaah)!


I gifted this Fossil weekender bag to my boyfriend last year for his birthday. I was looking for something durable, that he will use for years and that wasn’t a watch (he has too many already!). As we love going away for short weekends (we love longer holidays too… don’t get me wrong) and the only bag we had was a gym bag… I thought that the idea of a nice leather weekender bag was a good one (self-satisfaction here). Once again, we are leather-bags kind of people. There are plenty of nice non-leather weekend bags out there that will last you for years too… (RDV at the end of the article)

Basically, no matter the material you choose, the important points to look at when buying a weekend bag are:
How many things you want to put in it. Will this bag be for you and your loved one or only you/him/her? Are you the kind of person who brings 5 outfits for 2 days or only the minimum? Once you know what you want to put in this weekend bag, you can choose one with the right size. Oh and don’t forget to check that it’s not too big if you want to use it as a carry-on when taking the plane!
– The quality in the details. Yes, the quality of the fabric is important. But more important is the quality of the craftsmanship and all the small details. Big chances are that you’re going to put a lot of things in this bag and so it’s gonna get heavy. Take a look at the rivets at the ends of the handles, the hooks for the detachable strap and the zipper. If all these details seem of good quality, you won’t have to worry about a broken handle or not being able to close your bag. Also, having metal feet under the bag is a nice extra feature that will protect the fabric from scratches and tears.
– The strap/handles. Once again, good chances are that this bag is going to get heavy so I always recommend to choose a bag with a detachable long shoulder strap. I know it is not the more beautiful feature but trust me, when you’ll realize that carrying your bag by the handles will make your arm fall off, you’ll be happy to have this extra strap!

I like BLACK

The laaaaarge opening. It kind of reminds me of an old doctor bag. The opening is very wide, which make it super easy to put your clothes inside. No need to fight with the zipper with one hand and try to put your just-ironed t-shirt inside with the other hand. You open, you put your things in, you close, done.
– The details. I already mentioned it above so I won’t be long but the quality of all the small details is great. We know that we will keep this bag for years and that the investment was worth it. I like to pay for good quality and not just a brand name!
– The look. The old-doctor-bag look, the two-tone details, the brushed hardware… this bag kind of looks like a vintage one and I love it!

I don't like BLACK

– The shoulder strap. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I like it, it is large enough that it doesn’t hurt your shoulder and the hooks are good quality. But I would have preferred it to be in leather too…
– The front buckle. Having a front pocket is great. You can keep some small items within easy reach, super practical. But, for some reason, the front buckle cannot stay straight. It is always a bit crooked. And it is driving me CRAZY!

Details EN BLACK

Dimensions: (L)51 x (H)30,5 x (P)25,5 cm | (L)20 x (H)12 x (P)10 inches
Strap drop length: 41 to 75 cm | 16 to 29 1/2 inches
Handles drop: 17 cm | 6 3/4 inches
Color: Cognac/Dark Brown | Hardware: Brushed Gold
Pockets: large front flap pocket with magnet closure | 1 zipper pocket inside
Additional features: detachable shoulder strap, bottom feet
Material: leather


Recommendation EN BLACK

Okay so, as you probably guessed with my anecdotal “don’t like” list, I love this bag. It is big enough for us, practical and still good looking. The price was quite reasonable for a leather bag of that size. When you compare to similar weekenders from other brands, you definitely go back to Fossil!

Here is where you can find the new version of this bag (but I have to say that I miss the two-tone details).

For more weekend bags inspiration, RDV on Pinterest. Hoping you like them!