How to dress for the holidays when you have a capsule wardrobe? #accessories ;)


I’ve mentioned it before on Instagram and Twitter: I’ve been trying the “capsule wardrobe” concept for a couple of months now. For those who have no idea what I am talking about here, I discovered the principle via this video from TheAnnaEdit (I love that girl!). I loved it and decided to give it a go. To be completely honest, my wardrobe contains a bit more than the recommended 37 pieces as I have 2 “styles”: one for the week and a more casual from Friday to Saturday. But THE principle that I tried to follow is that all your pieces should (kind of) match together. This way, it is much easier and quicker to get ready in the morning (love that!) and to mix-match your clothes. Having less clothes also means that you actually wear all of them (instead of looking at them every morning but ending up only wearing the same few pieces anyway). The idea that this concept also brings is “buy less but better“. And that I love too!

Anyway, all that to say that, I wasn’t going to spend money in clothes that I would only wear 3 times maximum. In the previous years, with all the Christmas parties approaching, I bought a new dress and/or a couple of fancy tops. But after the holiday season, you don’t really wear them anymore. And one year later, you don’t really like them anymore. So you buy new ones…

What a waste! (of money sure, but I’ll let you watch this little video and I am sure that it will make you think twice before buying new “disposable” clothing in the future!).

So, I decided that I would only wear what I already had in my closet to attend all these holiday parties. I would just use accessories to make the outfits look a little fancier.


First: bag (obviously!)


I only own one clutch. It is a Manoukian one and I bought it (on sale) 6 years ago (I think…). I don’t go to parties nearly enough to feel the need to own several clutches. One, if you choose the right one, is more than enough!
The brand doesn’t really exist anymore but that’s okay. It’s not written all over the bag anyway.

My advice to choose the right clutch: black, with a zipper and not too small.

– Black: I don’t think this point needs an explanation. Black goes with everything, all year long. You can’t go wrong with black!
– With a zipper: some clutches come with a magnet closure only but there is no better closure than a zipper. Best way to keep your things safe!
– Not too small: do not choose a clutch that just fit your phone… they keep on getting bigger every year! In one or two years you’ll end up with a clutch that doesn’t fit your cell anymore and so you won’t use it. Think long term!

Then: shoes!


Whether you like wearing heels or not, there are plenty of fun shoe options. Same as for the clutch, I only own one pair of “fancy” shoes. I also have some more classic heels that I usually use for work (and that would work perfectly for christmas parties too) but let’s say that I only own one pair of “I wouldn’t wear that to work” heels.
A bit of glitter will turn any simple outfit into a great party one. Don’t go overboard or too much out of your comfort zone either (you still need to like them next year!). But the good news is that, as you will not wear them that much, they will not get too much damaged and you will be able to keep them for years.

Finally: bold lips…


Or let’s say bolder make-up than what you do on a everyday basis. I’ve always been a fan of lipstick so that’s what I usually go for… A bright red lip says Christmas and Party as much as a shimmery dress if you ask me. And the good news is that you can rock your lipstick all year long. I often use mine with more casual looks to make them a bit more fun.


So there you have it. Choose clothes that you wear on an everyday basis (I usually go black) and just add the good accessories. You’ll look amazing and feel much more comfortable!

Happy holidays!


  • Tamara Bollinger

    I completly agree! Not a big fan of buying one outfit for the season’s parties that I will just wear once or twice.. I am also trying to recycle and mix and match differently so that my wardrobe feels new agains 🙂