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handbag M051 satchel

m0851 satchel bag

M0851 satchel bag

M0851 satchel bag

m0851 bag satchel


This handbag is the first “nice” (meaning = in leather, a bit more expensive) handbag that I bought to myself. My previous ones were gifts from my family/boyfriend but with this one I decided to treat myself. I bought it two years ago at the M0851 Spring sample sale. For those of you who don’t know, M0851 organizes 2 samples sales per year (one in spring, the other one in automne) and you can find a lot of bags/small leather items/coats/jackets… for a fraction of the price. I think that I bought mine with a 50% discount versus the original price tag. Deal! The only detail is that my bag didn’t have the cross-body strap that it is supposed to come with. But I could buy it in any M0851 store so I won’t complain…


I like

– The very good quality of the leather. It is thick (so you know it will last you ages) but still supple (you don’t end up with a very stiff bag

– The color. A mix between a deep cognac and some dark brown details. It goes with almost everything (which is always a good point when you spend that amount of money…)

– The craftsmanship. The stitches, the edges, the handles… all the small details are perfect (or close). You know you’re paying for good quality, not just a brand name. Oh, and the fact that it is Made in Montreal is also a bonus!


I don’t like

– The top zipper. Yes, it is great to have one! BUT, this one is not practical at all. Here is why: if you open it completely, there is no way you will manage to put the 2 parts together and zip it with one hand. NO WAY! (Believe me, I tried!) You have to put the bag on a table/counter/wherever-you-want and do it with both hands. I am not saying it is a deal breaker but let’s be honest: when you’re out shopping and want to close your bag, it is always better to be able to do it with one hand while holding the bag in your other hand. No?

– The interior. Yes, you have a bag slip pocket. But that’s it! This bag is medium size so you can fit quite a lot of things in it. A divider or something to organize the inside would have been nice…



Dimensions: (L)35 x (H)26 x (D)11 cm | (L)13 3/4 x (H)10 1/4 x (D)4 1/4 inches
Handles drop length: 16 cm | 6 1/4 inches
Color: Cognac/Dark Brown | Hardware: Silver
Pockets: No exterior pockets | Interior back slip pocket
Additional features: interior key chain + detachable shoulder strap
Material: leather



If you’re looking for a good quality medium size handbag in which you can still fit A LOT of things, you might want to take a look at this one. It is not the more practical satchel on the market, I give you that. But it is still very well made and definitely not as expensive as some similar quality bags from other (more well-known maybe…) brands.

You can find the new version of this bag here.

Do you own this bag? Are you interested in it? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!