Naweri, a brand between modernity and history

The brand

Marie-Georgy is an active young woman, passionate about travels, who realized in 2015 that she wasn’t made for an office life. She wanted to create, build something new from scratch. So, she left for India. This trip was to reconnect with herself but also find what she really wanted to do. It was the confirmation that what she wanted to do was to become an entrepreneur. It was the beginning of the Naweri adventure…

NAWERI, the clutch and purse brand with a bohemian inspiration.

The amazing fabrics and colors, the cultural wealth, the great importance given to each details… Everything in India helped her confirm her desire to create a handbag brand. A brand that would offer women authentic, full of history and unique handbags!

Even the name Naweri comes from Marie-Georgy’s love for travelling. It is inspired by the name of a Nepalese ethnic group that emigrated to Tibet.


The collections

So, she started with the Wildflower collection. A limited edition of handmade clutches done with fabrics from traditional Indian clothing. Each model is unique, colourful and has a bohemian/festival vibe. Perfect to add a little something different to any summer outfit!

For her second collection, Marie-Georgy keeps her passion for India and the embroidered fabrics. But this time she wants to create a bridge between these traditional clothes and what modern women want. With that idea in mind, she imagined a two-material city bags collection. She mixed traditional indian fabrics with leather, creating a new concept between modernity and history.

While designing this new collection, she also decided not to limit herself to clutches this time. This new collection includes a bucket bag, a crossbody, a tote and even a wallet. Oh, and also two clutches ;).

The idea behind this new two-material collection is to mix feelings and leather goods thanks to different textures and colors. Providing women with more than just another bag

In order to enable this new collection to exist, Marie-Georgy launched a crowdfunding campaign. If Naweri reaches 100 pre-order before July 13th, 2016, this new collection will become a reality. What’s in it for you? If you love these bags and want to buy one, you will save 25% if you pre-order it (while helping a new brand to grow). A good deal if you ask me!

Go check it out and let me know what you think!

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