Pink October: my pink bag selection

pink bag selection

I know that pink bags are not the first thing that comes in mind when talking autumn/fall fashion. But this month, between Pink October and me re-doing my seasonal capsule wardrobe, I realized that it could be the perfect accessory to lighten-up a dark outfit. Keep your black or burgundy bag for your full-on camel/fall outfits and think about a light or bright pink bag for the days when you’re only feeling your black or navy clothes. What a great way to add a pop of colour and make things interesting !

From a light blush colour to a bright fuchsia, there are a lot of pink options out there. Depending on your style and preferences, you can also choose a regular smooth leather, a quilted pattern or even some suede. If you want to play it safe and more in line with autumn/fall fashion, I would suggest a muted pink suede bag like this one from Zara. What do you think ?

The good news is that you will definitely use this bag all year long. Depending on the outfit you pair it with, it will be perfect no matter the season.

If you are interested and want more options to look at, go check out my Pinterest.

Finally, I just wanted to share with you this amazing find I made while looking everywhere for nice pink bags. The Gucci Marmont camera bag is everywhere nowadays. It is one of the most famous bag this year. If you like the style but not the price tag, look at this Sam Edelman one. It looks very similar, minus the logo on the front. And the price difference is more that significant! What do you think?

pink camera bag gucci marmont

Gucci / Sam Edelman






  • I love the mini backpacks, they are so cute. I really need to get a new one as my current bag is falling apart.
    ♥ Mae |

    • thehandbagdiary

      Some great sales are coming in the next few months. It will be the perfect moment for you!

  • Pink isn’t my go-to choice of bags, but you’ve found some cute ones here!

    • thehandbagdiary

      Thank you!

  • Oh my, you totally got me! I just love pink colour! ✿

    Blog de la Licorne

  • Léanie Karlien Foot

    I’m not the handbag type of person. I only have 1 handbag that i use and that when i go shopping and then one that i use for church events. Otherwise i carry my phone on me. But paink are such a lovely colour – i know that PINK are in right now.

  • Erin Lynch

    Lots of great pink options here! I love the budget-friendly option too!

    • thehandbagdiary

      Thank you! I try to find something for every budget.

  • tamarabelgard

    This is my favorite color this year, can’t get enough pink! And somehow, I don’t have a pink bag. YET!

  • Mariam Jangda

    OOOOh love them all! Ah! I completely agree on the pop of colour aspect.

  • I love this idea for fall!! Blush pink looks amazing against fall tones! That Gucci is forever on my wish list.

  • Jonia McGill

    Ooh all of these handbags are gorgeous! Pink is great for fall!

  • Rebekah H

    My vote is for the Edelman…I kind of like that the logo isn’t there! 🙂

    • thehandbagdiary

      Yes, me too. You get the same look but so much more discreet.