Pom-Poms Everywhere!

pom-poms trend summer

pom-poms trend summer

I don’t know if you noticed or if it’s just me (and the fact that I am following a lot of fashion blogger online) but pom-poms are EVERYWHERE this summer.

To be more specific: colourful/Mexican pom-poms are everywhere. Shoes, clothes, accessories and of course handbags. You cannot miss it!

My opinion is quite reserved on this one…

The pros

– I really like the colourful and joyful feeling that pom-poms instantly add to any outfit. A white t-shirt or a simple dress paired with pom-poms shoes/bag/necklace and voilà! A great, original and summery look in 2 seconds.

– The number of options out there. The audacious ladies can try some multicoloured pom-poms covered sandals. For the more discreet ones: a basic bag with just a few pom-poms (just to say that your on-trend but not too much). Each style has a pom-poms solution! 

The cons

Prices. This trend is really new and you cannot find it everywhere yet. I didn’t see anything in H&M and Forever21 for instance. That being said, it is still pretty hard to find lower cost items. And considering the very original (too original?) character of this trend, I’m not sold on paying a lot of money for it…

– A very/only summery trend. Honestly, do you really picture yourself with a pom-poms covered straw bag during Fall? Let just say that the lifespan/number of times you will really wear these items is pretty limited.

My conclusion

I find this trend to be super fun and unique but if you consider the prices out there (for now), it’s a no-thank-you for me! What about you? Do you like it? Would you invest and wear it all summer?