Pom-Poms Everywhere!

pom-poms trend summer

I don’t know if you noticed or if it’s just me (and the fact that I am following a lot of fashion blogger online) but pom-poms are EVERYWHERE this summer. To be more specific: colourful/Mexican pom-poms are everywhere. Shoes, clothes, accessories and of course handbags. You cannot miss it! My opinion is quite reserved on […]

There’s a hole in your bag… | The “perforation” trend

sac perforation tendance

  Perforations, mesh, lace… this trend has been out there for a couple of years now but it reappears most specifically every spring/summer. And this year is no exception! Magazines, it-girls, stores… you can find perforated/transparent clothes or accessories E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E you look. Want my opinion? It is way easier to adopt this trend with a handbag than […]

The Aztec Cross-body bag

cross body bag aztec print

Cross-body bags are perfect all-year-long but they especially come-in handy during spring/summer. With a cross-body, our hands are free! You can enjoy your glass of wine ice-cream, go window shopping, take a walk in a park, whatever you usually do when the sun comes out… without being bothered by your handbag. Paradise! Also, in spring/summer, you (usually) don’t […]