Bag accessories or how to make your purse one-of-a-kind

If you read fashion magazines/blogs or even if you’ve done a bit of shopping recently, I’m sure that you’ve seen this trend already: accessories for your accessories (like your handbags!). Charms, straps, sticker letters, tassels, scarfs, even mini-bags to attach to your regular-size bag… you can now find pretty much everything that you can imagine […]

Pom-Poms Everywhere!

pom-poms trend summer

I don’t know if you noticed or if it’s just me (and the fact that I am following a lot of fashion blogger online) but pom-poms are EVERYWHERE this summer. To be more specific: colourful/Mexican pom-poms are everywhere. Shoes, clothes, accessories and of course handbags. You cannot miss it! My opinion is quite reserved on […]