Valentine’s Day series (3/3): how to buy the right clutch for you

When you get all dressed up for a night out, you usually don’t want to bring your big tote bag or your everyday casual-looking crossbody bag with you. You want something a bit more elegant and it often means some kind of clutch bag. I have no issue with that. What I have an issue with though, is paying for a new clutch bag each time I go to a fancy event or a wedding for instance… just because the ones I already have don’t look great with my new outfit. If you’re like me and don’t go to events like that often enough to justify spending your money in different clutches, keep reading! I have a few tips for you to select the right (and only) one !

Before sharing my secrets, have you checked out my other Valentine’s day inspired posts? I talked about the perfect red bag (to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe) and my make-up bag essentials for a night out. I would love to know what you think!


My first advice if you’re looking for an evening bag that you will keep for years is: do not choose one that’s too small. It has to fit your essentials (keys, phone and card holder for instance) but you also need to have extra room. Why? Because cell phones keep on getting bigger ang bigger! Believe me, if your next phone doesn’t fit, you’ll never use that bag again. Thinking long terms here ladies…


Looking for a bag that you will keep for years doesn’t mean that it has to be black and boring plain. It just has to match what you like. Careful here, not what you like in general! It has to match with what you usually wear for nights out/weddings/fancy cocktails… (= events where you’re gonna want to wear a clutch). If you often go with a simple LBD, you can choose a fun clutch to add a little something something to your outfit. If you’re more into bold prints/bright colors, maybe choose a more simple one.
Also, pay attention to the hardware color on the clutch you select. If it is yellow-gold and you are more a silver kind-of-girl, maybe it is not the smartest choice (as you will regret it each time you wear it).


A lot of clutch bags have a strap these days. But some don’t. This is something that you absolutely want to check before you buy anything. I know that I HATE having to keep my bag in my hand (then you hold a glass in the other hand and you cannot get anything to eat when the waiter comes to you ^^ #priorities). This is the main reason why I don’t use my Manoukian bag as much as I could. It is just easier to grab another one that looks as good and is much more practical! Even if sometimes you fancy not using the strap, just put it back inside the clutch.


I hope this helps you a bit. If you’re looking for some inspiration, I did a small selection on my Pinterest. Go check it out!