Valentine’s Day series (2/3): make-up bag essentials for a date night

For this second Valentine’s Day inspired post, I wanted to get even more out of my comfort zone (handbags!) and I decided to talk about make-up!  Once again, I wanted this post not to be about February 14th only so I will be talking about my essentials for a night out in general. FYI, my make-up bag is from Victoria’s Secret and I love it because the size is perfect – not too big but not too small either (my brushes fit perfectly) – and the material is nice and durable (always a good thing when you will probably be traveling with it from time to time).

Before starting, if you haven’t seen my first Valentine’s day inspired article, go check it out (there are nice bags to add to your wish list!).

Revlon foundation / Benefit primer (face) / Benefit primer (eye lids) / Tarte color corrector / Maybelline concealer / Besame face powder
Maybelline eyebrow pencil / Too Faced mascara / Shiseido eyelash curler / Sephora eyeliner
Tarte palette / Real Techniques brush
Ysabel Larousse lip balm / Know Cosmetics lip liner / Revlon lipstick / Tarte lip paint


Whatever you do for a night out (restaurant, drinks, bowling, cinema… you name it), you will probably be standing pretty close to the person you’re with. I think the most important thing (make-up wise) is to have a flawless base. You can do minimal to no make-up but having a great looking skin is what makes me feel more confident (which is what I want, feel my best self).

I don’t use primers on a daily basis but I do when I have a special night planned. Face primer to blur my pores and eyelids primer so my eyeshadow stays in place longer. Then I use a foundation but not too much of it! Once again, the most important thing is to look your best self, not to look like somebody else! Accept and love yourselves girls! Then I use 2 kinds of concealers but that is only because I have dark blue veins under my eyes so I like to use a color corrector first and then a regular concealer. This is part of my everyday make-up as it is not really great when everybody tells you that you look tired even when you slept 10 hours the night before! If you’re lucky and don’t have that problem, one regular concealer is enough. My last step for a flawless base that will last you all night is a setting powder. And voilà! Make-up in a you-but-better way!


If you don’t have a primer, you can use a cream eyeshadow as a base (or by itself). Used under powder eyeshadow, it will make the color look deeper and stay longer. As for the color, I say that it is time to have fun. It is a date night, not Monday morning at the office. A bit of glitter (not too much!) never hurt anyone. Then curl your lashes and add a bit of mascara. Finally, if you want you can add nude pencil in your lower lash line in order to make your eyes look more open/awake.

To finish with the eyes, don’t forget the eyebrows! Not so long ago, I didn’t even know that you could put make-up on your eyebrows (I know, I know…). Since I discovered this, I do it almost every time I wear make-up. It changes your expression a lot, especially if your brows are not naturally full (like mine).


My number one advice would be to use a lip balm. Nice hydrated lips is all you need! If you want to use some lipstick, I would recommend something close to your natural lip color like a nude or a soft red. Nothing to bright or too deep as, during that date night, you will probably by eating and/or drinking at some point, right? Do you really want to spend your night thinking about how your lipstick looks like and going to the bathroom to touch-up? So yeah, I would suggest to maybe go a bit bolder on the eyes but lighter on the lips.

Finally, don’t forget your nails! A nice manicure (home made or not) will be the final touch to your lovely make-up look.


Have a nice night out!