Valentine’s Day series (1/3): let’s start with a pop of Red !


red valentine's day

It is (already) February and, whether you like/celebrate it or not, it is Valentine’s Day month! Hearts, flowers and chocolates are everywhere in the stores, you can’t really miss it.

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day but I thought it would be nice to do a mini series on the blog this month. There will be 3 different posts, this one being the first one. The second one will be on Tuesday and the last one next Friday. All three articles were inspired by Valentine’s Day but everybody should be able to relate to them, not only for February 14th.

For this first post, I was trying to find a “bag of the month” that made me thought of Valentine’s Day, without being too cliché (this is not an article about glittery-pink heart-shaped clutches, no offense). And then I realized that I’ve recently been obsessed with a kind of bag that worked perfectly for this month: small red bags. I LOVE the pop of colour that they bring to any simple outfit. It changes a look completely and add a sophisticated touch.

I  don’t own one myself (yet!) but I spent hours looking for nice ones online and here is my selection:

Coach / Zara / Longchamp / Gucci
Kate Spade / Rebecca Minkoff / Zara / Aldo
Baggu / Tory Burch / Zara / Forever21


If I have ONE advice to give you when it comes to bright color bags, it would be: choose a practical one! If you always carry your whole house with you, pick a tote bag. If you need your hands free, choose a crossbody. My opinion is that, if it is bright and not practical, you will never reach out to it. As fashionable as we love to be, we always go back to practical! By choosing a bag that is exactly what you need on a everyday basis, you’ll enjoy its pop of colour even more!

If you want even more ideas, go check out my Pinterest 😉


What do you think? Too much out there or you like it? Would you spend money on a red bag?