What’s in your bag? | Morgane

After this post on my lipstick addiction, I’m back with a new What’s in my/your bag?. This time, I looked into my friend Morgane’s bag. And the least we can say is that we don’t carry the same things at all…

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The bag

Morgane has a biiiiiig tote bag… and she knows how to use the space!
If you’re interested in all the details about the bag, you can go check out the post we did about it here. To sum things up, if you’re looking for a nice leather tote bag but don’t want to spend a month of rent in it… Go check out Fossil 😉



What she keeps in it

The essentials: iPhone, glasses case (fun fact: Morgane’s glasses case is all twisted since a man on his bike bumped into her a few months ago…), key-chain with a lot of souvenirs on it and girl-pouch (we all have one, we all know what’s inside…).

For the subway/bus: a book, always! (good point of having a big bag) and her wireless Bose headphones (huge recommendation from Morgane by the way…). A girl needs to stay busy in the transports…

To pay (could be useful!): her Sobek wallet is from Madagascar and it’s a well-loved gift that she received a few months ago. Its size is proportionate to the size of the bag, perfect match!
Her coin-purse is also her subway-card-purse. Everything at the same place, much more practical!  

The little extra: a headband (you can’t see it on the pictures but when you know Morgane and her big hair, you understand why that is almost an essential for her), tissues (always useful) and a MAC lipstick.

What she doesn’t have but that could be great to have:  a travel size deodorant and make-up remover for those crazy hot/humid summer days (you know, when you have mascara all over your cheeks because it’s too hot in the subway…). And also a hand cream.

And that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek inside Momo Morgane’s bag!

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