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I LOVE What’s in my bag blog posts, pictures or Youtube videos. I don’t know why… But it seems like a lot of people do too. So I feel less of a stalker better about it  🙂

So here is my first one. I hope you’ll enjoy it and let me know in the comments if you share my lipstick addiction or if you have something else in your bag that you find super useful. I’d love to read about it!

The bag

My bag here is my M0851 satchel that I talked about here. I am not going to say what I already said about it, I’ll just let you go check the article.
Just a note: I am getting better at not adding crap things in my bag just because there is room for it. I try to keep it to the essentials. This saves me a lot of time while looking for my keys every day… Anyway, this bag is medium size but when you will see what I keep inside you’ll think that I have room for much more. And you’re right! I just wanted to say it 🙂


What’s inside

Top-left: all of you, iPhone-owners, you know what I mean… no explication needed for this one! I don’t want to invest in one of these back-up charger that we see everywhere (yet). So I always keep a spare cable with me to plug my phone to my computer when needed (meaning everyday). Because we all miss having a landline… And just not to have it completely tangled every time, I keep it in this small cute pocket that originally came with a bracelet. I am pretty proud with myself on this one!

Top-center: a few months ago I said goodbye to my wallet and hello to this card holder. I found it at the M0851 sample sale (yes, this one too…) and it hasn’t left me since. I usually carry small bags (much smaller than this satchel) so a wallet was starting to get a little tricky (when your wallet is bigger than your handbag, you have to do something!). And anyway, my wallet was more used as a place to put all my receipts than anything else. So I decided to switch to this super basic card holder and I don’t regret it. Now I just say “No” when the cashier asks if I want my receipt…

Top-right: pens and Advil. Because you always need pens (okay, maybe not 3…) and you always need Advil! Nothing more to say…

Middle-left: my little random pouch. I usually keep a hand cream in there, a USB key (cute one from Kate Spade), a mirror and some lady things (ok, tampons!) if needed… I just keep them in this pouch so I don’t need to empty the whole bag when I need them.

Middle-center: my iPhone (6, if anybody is interested). Not much to say here…

Middle-right: earplugs. Always useful for the subway or at work. I haven’t found the perfect little pocket yet (to do as I did with my charger) so… they’re always tangled and it’s annoying!

Bottom-left: not sure how to call that one so let’s just says it’s my change thing. Where I keep my money. Because when you don’t have a wallet, you cannot put your money in it (duh…). I never have much change on me but it is always handy.

Bottom-center: my key holder. Yes, I’m that fancy that I don’t have a key ring but a key holder! Once again, a good find from the M0851 sample sale (I promise I am not sponsored!). 2 main reasons why I switch to a key holder: as you keys are inside the leather, they don’t scratch whatever is inside your bags (cellphone screen…) + it is SUPER easy to remove your key from it and put them back on. Very handy when you run like me (or whatever other activity that involves you needing to get your keys but not being able to have a bag or even a pocket) and need to do this several times a week…

Bottom-right: okay, I admit that I have a small problem when it comes to lip products. There are only 3 here but considering the small number of things that I keep in my bag, it’s kind of a lot. And that’s my minimum / never leaving my bag stock. I always keep a lip balm because you never know when your lips are gonna get dry. Then this Clarins lip oil is for when my lips are dry but I am feeling fancy (FYI, it looks very pink but it is actually transparent on the lips). And finally this Clinique chubby stick is for when I want a little color. See, I really need all of them…

And there you have it. Pretty straightforward with a little addiction to lip products.

It’s your turn now! Tell me what you keep in your bag everyday. What you really use. What you never use but keep it anyway. What you don’t have but you always think that you should add. I want to know it all 🙂